Mind Loop

Play it on itch.io.

Note: The game is meant to be played on a desktop web browser!

A simple logic puzzle game that was made during March 2021 in less than a month for a One Game a Month challenge.

The game is pretty easy to beat and isn't very long. It was made to practice my pixel art and to get another game out the door. I am pretty happy with how the pixel art turned out. As for the game itself, I am pretty pleased with some of the mechanics. I did get bored with it all towards the end and rushed it a bit so it could be over. A puzzle game isn't something I'd usually go for but it is what it is. If you do play I hope it gives you a little enjoyment out of it.



  • WASD / Arrow keys = Move
  • E = Interact
  • Shift+E = Secondary Interaction


Source code -- Itch.io


stuck in a loop 1

stuck in a loop 2

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